How to Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day #Infographic
This great infographic was developed by the talented Matt Wesson, a Marketing Content Specialist at the marketing automation company Pardot.
It focuses on a six channel social media strategy, and how you can build engaged communities around your brand in as little as 30 minutes a day.
And in 30 minutes a day you have managed a 6 channel social media strategy!
So how should you allocate your time on each channel? Well the infographic breaks the recommended 30 minutes down as follows:
#Twitter – Allocate approximately 10 minutes a day to Twitter for responding to any brand mentions and retweets, scheduling new messages, and share content of industry influencers.
#Facebook – Allot approximately 6 minutes a day to respond to comments, like content from clients and/or industry leaders, and share highly visual content (videos and pictures) because they have the highest engagement rate.
#LinkedIn – Designate 6 minutes a day to share content or news on your company profile, share new content and join discussions in relevant industry groups, and ask questions on your company profile and in groups.
#Pinterest – Assign approximately 4 minutes a day to pinning any new and relevant company content, repin relevant pins from industry influencers and respond to comments on your pins.
#Google+ – Allocate as little as 2 minutes a day to posting new content on your Google+ company page and asking your followers questions.
#Instagram – Set aside around 2 minutes a day to share behind the scene photos of your company, new visual content you have created, and inspiring quotes.


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