Friday mystery object #1 Answer

Sound Of The Hound

The Hound knew you where a knowledgable bunch, points awarded all round for getting the correct answer to last weeks question…BRAVO!

Special mention goes to Rob Spenser for not only knowing the right answer but adding an interesting piece of information on this weeks Mystery Object of the Week!

Mystery object Answer No 1 Courtesy of  EMI Group Archive Trust Answer

The ‘Style No.5 Gramophone’ was the first machine sold by the Gramophone Company Ltd. in 1898. It used a clockwork motor and soundbox designed by Eldridge Johnson. The wooden case is cut away at the rear to allow the semi-circular spring casing to protrude. The Style No.5 is also known as the ‘Trademark Model’ as it is the machine which Nipper is listening in the painting by Francis Barraud.

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