CAF 2013: Viva HiFi presents Daedalus and ModWright (updated!)

Part-Time Audiophile


Scott Dalzell of Viva HiFi was demoing some very, brand new, sweet stand-mounted monitors from Daedalus Audio, the $4,600 Pan. Sensitivity 95/96dB, -3dB at 40Hz, and yes, they’re heavy — Scott says they’re maybe 50lbs each. The drivers and crossover come directly from the rest of the line (mostly poly). The front baffle is angled, like it is on the Argos, giving some non-parallel surfaces to help with sound. Lou calls the Pan a “point-source” as opposed to a “line-source”, like his other designs, so using them in near-field is most definitely encouraged — and that front-ported design gives some serious placement flexibility. 

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Daedalus Audio Pan: An Unreview

Part-Time Audiophile


Scott Dalzell of Viva Hifi, out in NoVA, was very kind to accommodate my schedule and invited me to visit with a pair Lou Hinkley’s new speakers, the Daedalus Audio Pan. And by “visit with”, I mean just that — it was a happy afternoon jamming with Scott. All I’m doing is offering up that time, so, call this a preview, an un-review, an experiential slipstream event, but whatever you do, don’t call it Shirley.

The Pan is a stand-mount loudspeaker built to master craftsman standards — it’s absolutely gorgeous to the eye and the hand. The solid-wood cabinets are just that, solid wood. No veneers. Lou doesn’t do veneer. As with a fine instrument, Lou believes that natural wood has a significant and positive contribution to make to the sound of his loudspeakers, and removing that aspect would not only destroy the potential for greatness, but might…

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A ghost in the machine

Sound Of The Hound

Deep in the vaults of the EMI Archive lies a mysterious Ghostly Gramophone player. Despite laying dormant for many years, while showing visitors around the collection an unsuspecting intern and her guests witnessed the turn table revolving. The gramophone in question in not electric, no one had touched it and the winding mechanism is frozen.
We have video footage of the guests looking curiously at the turn table as the turn table continues to turn unassisted!
Is this paranormal activity or do you have a more scientific explanation?

Special thanks to Danielle Burgess, Kevin Bell and Dev Ruprai.

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Союз журналистов Германии призвал сотрудников СМИ не использовать в своей работе сервисы электронной почты Google и Yahoo

Союз журналистов Германии призвал сотрудников СМИ не использовать в своей работе сервисы электронной почты Google и Yahoo. Об этом в четверг, 31 октября, сообщило издание Reuters со ссылкой на пресс-релиз организации.

Напомним, что вчера издание Washington Post сообщило о том, что получило от Сноудена новые документы, разоблачающие программу слежения АНБ – MUSCULAR. Согласно этой программе, спецслужба имеет доступ к данным из дата-центров по всему миру, то есть, к сотням миллионов учетных записей электронной почты. Как бы то ни было, представители Google и Yahoo заявили, что не предоставляли подобного доступа спецслужбам США.