Daedalus Audio Pan: An Unreview

Part-Time Audiophile


Scott Dalzell of Viva Hifi, out in NoVA, was very kind to accommodate my schedule and invited me to visit with a pair Lou Hinkley’s new speakers, the Daedalus Audio Pan. And by “visit with”, I mean just that — it was a happy afternoon jamming with Scott. All I’m doing is offering up that time, so, call this a preview, an un-review, an experiential slipstream event, but whatever you do, don’t call it Shirley.

The Pan is a stand-mount loudspeaker built to master craftsman standards — it’s absolutely gorgeous to the eye and the hand. The solid-wood cabinets are just that, solid wood. No veneers. Lou doesn’t do veneer. As with a fine instrument, Lou believes that natural wood has a significant and positive contribution to make to the sound of his loudspeakers, and removing that aspect would not only destroy the potential for greatness, but might…

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