Nine companies that want to put their computers on your face

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When Google shipped its first Google Glass units to testers (“Explorers”) about a year ago, it promised we’d all soon find ourselves in a hands-free world. Most Americans, however, still aren’t sold (and forget about Europe). People think face computers look creepy, and are turned off by fears of crowdsourced surveillance.

Still, a number of companies think convincing people to buy smart glasses is just a matter of, um, framing. People just want them to be less obvious, less expensive, less complicated, or less goofy-looking. Here are nine companies trying to find a niche in head-mounted devices.

1. M100 by Vuzix

If you’re a construction superintendent, surgeon, or “prosumer,” Vuzix believes that its $1,000 monocle will streamline your workflow. Stylistically, the earpiece with a monitor extension looks a bit like an early Bluetooth headset, which means it will be popular with anyone who is oblivious to snickering co-workers.


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