Ultramodern Email Marketing

There is no more #B2B or #B2C: It’s Human to Human, #H2H


Tools to Reach the Inbox of the Contemporary Consumer

Every $1 spent on email marketing investment returns an average of $44.25. (Experian)

Email Service Providers

Sending email is still believed to be the most effective form of marketing for most businesses. As companies develop from their initial phase, they begin to outgrow the impulsive desire of blind CC’ing all of their contacts in an email from an Outlook account, but rather adopt a more robust, efficient means of distributing email and managing contacts. Like in all areas of marketing strategy, baby-step entry is important. So diving into a multifaceted marketing automation platform isn’t always the ideal route. Many early-stage functions will start with a more basic email service provider (ESP) to begin their email strategy, build up lists, establish some basic-level workflows and track results, later to scoop up and migrate over to something more robust when the…

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