Herman van den Dungen’s connections with Japan Part 11

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One day we introduced two new projects. PrimaLuna and Mystère. Both tube based designs. USA was again very successful with these brands and it wasn’t more than logic that Hajime showed us his interest to distribute both PrimaLuna and Mystère as well. Again Hajime was very successful with these brands and Japan was for PrimaLuna and Mystère our best market after USA. Then … all of a sudden a lot of bad luck came on our way. We got the bad news Hajime had a cancer. And although he was very positive, he lost the fight with this strong enemy. Japan was suffering a lot from the bad economy and worldwide crisis. Not to forget the terrible disaster with the tsunami. After that it became a very silent period for us in Japan. We want to change that. That’s why we published about our past contacts in Japan. We…

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