7 Top Tools to Create Stunning Visual Content


August 27, 2015

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7 Top Tools to Create Stunning Visual Content (tiny)

Visual content is a key ingredient in any marketing recipe.  Without it your marketing strategy is going to be a little bland and colourless.

Before you start getting creative, however, you need to ask yourself a few questions so you can produce content that’s effective, engaging and hopefully encourages social shares.  You only have a few seconds to snag someone’s attention so you need to make an impact:-

  • who is your target audience (buying personas)?
  • what are they likely to find most appealing?
  • where are you going to use your visual content?  (This will help you decide whether to create a quick 15-second video or an infographic, for example.)

Once you’ve got the answers clear in your mind, you can start thinking about what sort of visual content to produce:-

  • an image (motivational quotation, meme, screenshot)
  • a short, snappy video to engage followers on Instagram or Twitter
  • explainer videos or marketing tutorials

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